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Updated: May 15, 2021

Wedding Factory India were our decor and planner who are Basically from Cochin. Shana was the team head, came with a big team and stayed in Chennai for a month. Made all the events a royal one. We got our entire wedding organised through them, and every little detail was meticulously taken care, given attention and made sure it was the best to match all my needs and expectations.

All that Glitters is my love!

Entire jewelleries- the luxurious diamond, vintage-inspired gold and exquisite uncut jewellery worn by me as a dazzling diva, were rich collection by my wonderful mom for more than10 years. Therefore, every pearls and diamonds that sparkled and adorned me, portrays and shouts my mother’s precious love for me. Thanks mommy dear! Most of my jewellery collections were customised and bought from - Ethnic jewellery

Sheetal diamonds Bina jewellery. The jewelleries were customised for it to be uniquely elegant and classy to represent the divine bond of love. The Fantastically designed attire worn by me were customised and crafted wonderfully from my favourites - ➢ Tina Vincent, ➢ Kanceepuram cooperative society

➢ NC Santhanam ➢ Gaurav Gupta ➢ Syed Bawker ➢ Vivek Karunakaran ➢ Sydney sladon ➢ Evoluizone Oh yes, we had bunch of dazzling pre-wedding shoots that was absolutely fantastic experience for us. Exotic fun filled events like Mehendi function celebrated with all my cousins, friends and families made me feel out of the world- dancing with joy and ecstasy!

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